Thursday, January 21, 2010

LA Tiger Ride

LA Tigers stylin on you!

Choke in the morning

always late but all the time in the world. Robert fixing his axle in the morning.  This is seriously like his third axle he's broken recently. I'm still not quite sure why. Luckily, Choke had everything he needed

Choke is the bestest

last minute carb tuning on Ernies dellorto


   Fastest Yamahopper i've ever seen

glittery everywhere



  Doubles Blasting!! Robert's Pinto had a seize. We rode the rest of the day.
I got some awesome pictures from the back


here's the cast.
 Tiger Matt. We gave him a 50mph+ wedgie.
he vows to get us back, but I dont see that happening

Tiger Ernie. Garelli top tanker. All around Bad Dude

Tiger Blaster Lindsay. Shaw ported e-50. newly brunette

Tiger Andrew. too legit. videos soon dude??

Tiger Stevie riding chase

Tiger Lauren with a Shaw especial! Ssshhheeeoooowwww!


LA Tigers! so much fun! rawwwwr!
afterwards, we all went back to Tiger Matt's house to see that short film he did for school.
It was rad to see all of us in it. Ill post the short as soon as I get my copy. but thats it for now.
Ill post the Woolly Bully Escape from LA  ride pics soon.

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