Thursday, January 21, 2010

LA Tiger Ride

LA Tigers stylin on you!

Choke in the morning

always late but all the time in the world. Robert fixing his axle in the morning.  This is seriously like his third axle he's broken recently. I'm still not quite sure why. Luckily, Choke had everything he needed

Choke is the bestest

last minute carb tuning on Ernies dellorto


   Fastest Yamahopper i've ever seen

glittery everywhere



  Doubles Blasting!! Robert's Pinto had a seize. We rode the rest of the day.
I got some awesome pictures from the back


here's the cast.
 Tiger Matt. We gave him a 50mph+ wedgie.
he vows to get us back, but I dont see that happening

Tiger Ernie. Garelli top tanker. All around Bad Dude

Tiger Blaster Lindsay. Shaw ported e-50. newly brunette

Tiger Andrew. too legit. videos soon dude??

Tiger Stevie riding chase

Tiger Lauren with a Shaw especial! Ssshhheeeoooowwww!


LA Tigers! so much fun! rawwwwr!
afterwards, we all went back to Tiger Matt's house to see that short film he did for school.
It was rad to see all of us in it. Ill post the short as soon as I get my copy. but thats it for now.
Ill post the Woolly Bully Escape from LA  ride pics soon.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Long Beach Knuckleheads

Elena and Bryan. we all went out for drinks for the fuck of it. Saw James, haven't seen that dood since the accident.  He's already expressing interest in riding again.

 KnuckleHeads new goal is trying to get  Elena's bike blast fast. It's getting the a35 treatment.  good reeds, good pipe 50mph. We ditched the sach's 60 Austisa. it was terrible

Bryan and I finally got his Simonini on his bike. Fabbed up and bracketed. 28x22 gearing, ported Alukit, 4 petal malosssi. 320 Sebacs.  2.75 rear wheel. 55mph+  its all over. and Bryan is a big boy

some pics of whats up. Some other pics of whats goin down soon

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

garage spaces

 Took a nice little ride to see Trev from clubb55 for an idle jet.  Finally an end of stupid low end bog that has been plaguing me for weeks.
Well its nice to see the boys have been keepin themselves busy with some new builds, even a welder.
Trevor's new bike bench.  It reclines as a ramp for easy setup.  totally cool

these guys are the kings of arrows. 4 Arrows and counting.  two here, one on the rack and one in the back. The red one is an easy 56mph. crazy

clean, clean freespirit. a55 cylinder. soo solid


in other news, Knuckleheads have a new mission of making Elena's bike fast. also, LA Tigers ride. that shit was so fun. you missed out. Ill post some ride pics later for you to revel in your own misery

Monday, January 4, 2010


Manila folders make super cheap and effective gaskets. slap on a little Ultra Grey for peace of mind and blammo no more air leaks. learned this trickery from big B. try it. you wont be disappointed

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Woolly Bully New Year

chilled with christopher bully on New years. rebuilt some puch mags, ran some brake cables on the maxi Chris is selling and did some wiring. We were gonna ride to the parties but didnt think it was such a good idea on account of Chris' fractured knee cap. Some blurry pics of New years eve. Carries tomos and some LA skyline. met some rad new friends and partied on their roof top. my pics dont do the view justice

man i gotta move to LA as soon as possible!!  Moped house is still in the works. well friends, thats it for now

Monday, December 28, 2009

white elephant christmas

some pics of old friends

the bestest. Nancy!

in other moped news, Ride Report 2010.
Casey who has taken over the Myron's rides is hosting a ride to Pasadena on January 3rd.
LA Tigers are having their first official ride, 50 miles +  on January 9th. clicky here details
Woolly Bullies putting it down!! for the Second Annual LA Desert Run and Partay. 100+ miles for moped madness. If you think you'll survive, show up for this one. January 16th. MA thread for details

well thats it for now

Monday, December 21, 2009

no funds

underemployment, no monies for a big boy carb rite now. im gonna make the Cobromos build a mild mannered one til i can discover a way to make money grow on trees. For now gotta make due with the little guy 14SHA.

had these two pedal reeds laying around from a previous project. pretty good reeds

busted out the Dremel today. had to remove a lot of material from the manifold so it could flow smoothly
 smoothed out the transitions a bit.  square peg in a round hole kinda thing, ya know? nothing impressive. Still got to finish her up a bit

Awww well. im tired. thats it for now. Tomorrow, some cylinder work

Friday, December 18, 2009


some tinkering with fellow knucklehead. got the 24mm intake manifold fabricated. also STILL had to hack and weld the Simonini to fit. Pedal clearance? forget about it

80 metra ported to the heavens and freshly rebuilt.  The wiring is still not done

On the left are Tomos brakes. On the right are Puch. huge difference

the recent rain storms have passed and hasn't rained for 3 days here in california. We ride soooooon soon

Thursday, December 10, 2009


no bloggy for a couple weeks. family stuff. went to Texas to see my dad for thanksgiving. saw alot of stuff, met alot of family, ate bunches of delicious foodstuffs. stopped by the Grand Canyon, which was amaaaazzzing! the canyon looked like a painting. those pictures to come sooon. Well some moped updates:
Knucklehead B's new tomos. he's stoked. It came from Nick of Choke to Woolly Bully Chris then to Big Bryan. Its got some tomos dirt bike swing arm ( senior, juniour??) and a big 2.75 Pirelli tyre in the rear. these Pirelli's are no joke. grip for days

Alukitty with the intake bridged removed. case matched to a55 cases. Malossi 4petal

The Alukit is very nice compared to the Airsal one. the manufacturers of the alukit uses a closed pore cast. feels and looks better constructed than the airsal, although the stock porting and transfers are slightly more aggressive on the reedvalve Airsal kit.

Bryan's Magnum. freshly rebuilt. 80metra, case matched and bored by ShawShaw. gettin the Simonini injection. blaster setup

It just started raining down here in socal. rain riding anyone?